Should You See a Mechanic?

Common Car Care Questions, Answered

Learn when you should turn to a professional for car maintenance.While every vehicle is different and each driver varies widely in skill and habits, there are several car care questions that come up over and over again. People often have questions about tires, noises their car can make, engine warning lights, and more. Read on for answers to some of the top car care questions from your fellow motorists in and around Auburn, GA. 

What Do Those Engine Lights Mean?

Beyond recognizing that it’s probably not good news, many drivers aren’t always sure what the engine light means when they illuminate the dash. Every car comes with an owner’s manual but over time, those manuals can be lost or damaged, leaving drivers without answers. Engine warning lights go on when a computer in the car has been alerted to trouble. Among the most common reasons that engine warning lights go on is low tire pressure (an exclamation point surrounded by a U or W), regular maintenance needed (a wrench), and engine trouble (the letters SES or an engine). Because there are hundreds of possible reasons for the computer to be activated, a skilled auto mechanic is usually best qualified to identify the cause. 

How Long Do Brakes Last?

Depending on your driving style and road conditions in Dacula, Georgia, the life of your brakes can vary. Lots of stop-and-go city driving wear on brakes much harder than frequent highway driving. If you notice your brake pedal feels soft or your brakes are making a noise, it’s time to see a mechanic, no matter how recently your brakes were serviced. Brake noises may sound like squeaks or squeals. Grinding noises require immediate attention. Regular car maintenance can help keep your brakes in good shape in between appointments to service your vehicle.

Why Won’t My Car Start?

A no-start always seems to come at the worst time. And there can be several reasons why your car suddenly won’t start. Some common reasons include a failure of the starter, alternator or battery. The starter is what gets the engine to turn over and the alternator is what keeps electric current running through the engine, including the battery. A mechanic at your local auto repair shop can perform an inspection to determine which of these is the likely cause. Regular maintenance can maximize the life of your starter, alternator, and battery. 

Why Does the Steering Wheel Shake?

A shaking steering wheel can be startling, and there can be several causes for this. Most often, the tires are off-balance or out of alignment, or the car’s suspension could need attention. Some of it is determined by how and when the steering wheel starts shaking. Having your tires inspected and rotated regularly can help with balance and alignment issues. Possible suspension problems should be looked at by a mechanic in Buford, GA.

When your car isn’t performing as expected, it’s important to check in with a trusted mechanic. The problem could be as simple as a gas cap that needs replacement or brakes and rotors that need to be fixed. Call America’s Service Station today for trusted and reliable service backed by a 3-year nationwide warranty. No matter what your car care question is, the highly trained technicians at America’s Service Station can help.


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