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At any time during a drive in Braselton, GA when you see a check engine light on, it is time to react quickly! Our experts can get to the root of the problem rapidly to find out why you are receiving the computerized message. There are many reasons for the car’s computer codes to trigger an alert, and not all of them will leave you on the side of the road.

What Are Some Common Reasons For The Check Engine Light to Trigger?

Here are some examples of some of the most frequently triggered check engine light codes:

  • Difficulty with Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor
  • An oxygen sensor detected a high level of oxygen in the exhaust
  • An oxygen sensor detected a heightened fuel to oxygen ratio
  • A series of codes could indicate a misfire event in your engine.
  • Too low a level of gas recirculation
  • Flow Catalyst System Efficiency under par

How Soon Should I Make My Appointment If My Check Engine Light is On?

While it is true that some of the reasons for you Check Engine Light to engage will not leave you stranded they could be a part of a deeper problem. This is one event in your car’s life that you do not want to put on the back burner. We are a certified expert in Buford, GA metro that is standing by with expert mechanics and diagnostic systems to serve you.

Our Pledge to Go Above and Beyond

Let’s face it. We all know time spent in a service shop is no one’s idea of relaxation. Inside our Dacula, GA, area location we strive to be anything but ordinary. We offer a high level of service you’ll be looking forward to again. You’ll be happy you had it looked into by a team of professionals regardless how big or small the issue may be.

If your check engine light is on, it could be a sign of serious trouble with your vehicle’s performance. Schedule a check engine light service appointment with us today and provide peace of mind while prolonging your car’s life.

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