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If the proper alignments are not done on your vehicle frequently, the two main concerns you face are the cost of driving and your day-to-day safety. Constant drive time spent on Auburn, GA roads can add a high amount of stress to the vital steering equipment in your car, truck or SUV. Adjusting the wheels so they are perpendicular to the ground will assure you don’t see any unnecessary pull on the vehicle or unwanted accidents.

What Causes Poor Alignment?

There are a few key incidents which can build up to a need for wheel alignment service. If you notice uneven wear when checking your tires, you will probably benefit from an alignment. Buford, GA, area potholes can wreak havoc on your car’s healthy alignment and pose the need for immediate wheel alignment service. The sudden shaking of the steering wheel and veering off to one direction are also telltale signs of the need for service.

The Caster and Camber Effect

The caster is the angle viewed from the side of the vehicle and plays a large role in the way the steering feels. A three to five degrees positive measurement is the optimum reading for most vehicles. A faulty camber angle is one of the most common occurrences which leads to unwanted tire wear. A negative camber measurement takes place when the wheel begins to lean towards the framework of the vehicle. Drastic differences are immediately noticeable when these issues take place. A faulty toe angle is another bad alignment culprit.

The Benefit of Properly-Aligned Tires

Steering easier is the first benefit you’ll notice from making sure your tires are aligned properly. Improved gas mileage during your Braselton, GA, trips is another perk you’ll gain right away. Many customers tell us when they first bring their cars here they are in search of a smoother ride. When working in unison with the expertly-engineered suspensions of today’s best car, we guarantee you will have an improved experience every time you turn the key.

Have you experienced shaking during turns or feeling as if your car is suddenly pulling towards the left or right? Schedule your appointment with us today here at America’s Service Station to make sure that no lurking pothole will deter your smooth commute.

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