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An oil change is the very first order of business when the health of your car’s engine is in question. For years many car enthusiasts near Dacula, Buford, and Hoschton, GA, assured auto owners of the vital components of the engine staying well-coated was the #1 benefit to getting the oil changed. We now know scheduled oil change service also protects against brutal heat and damaging friction which wreak havoc on your engine.

The Importance of an Inspection

At any point between the 3,000 - 7,500 mile range, it is time to consider an oil change near me to prolong your car’s life and to have a thorough inspection. Many of the most vital parts of an engine are constantly moving. This creates the need for sufficient lubrication at all mileage intervals near Dacula, Buford, and Hoschton, GA. The average cost for a year of oil changes is around $130, while the average cost of not maintaining an engine is around $4,000.

What Are the Key Components Included with Oil Change Service?

The following elements are what we focus on when you bring your car to America’s Service Station Hamilton Mill:

  • Changing the oil utilizing the best brands of conventional oil, full synthetic oil, or high mileage motor oil dependent on your vehicle's unique needs
  • Perform recycling and replacement of the car’s used filter and oil
  • Closely inspect the air, cabin and other filters
  • Inspect the entire vehicle as checking all lights, tires, and battery charge
  • Top off window washer fluids and check other fluids vital for operation

The Link Between Proper Service and Longevity

Poor engine lubrication can ultimately lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Buildup from dirty oil works against your vehicle’s fuel economy and forces its internal components to work harder. Come visit us and see how informative our staff at this Buford, GA auto service center is. We know that an engine under too much pressure is one that will not survive the car’s full life span.

Oil changes are one of those necessary tasks that are instrumental in retaining the vehicle’s health and ability to perform for many years. Visit America’s Service Station Hamilton Mill today to schedule an oil change for your daily driver!

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