Best Tips for Fall Car Maintenance

Learn the importance of fall cleaning and maintenance for cars.

Many drivers are aware of their car’s special needs for winter and summer driving in Dacula, Georgia. But autumn is a great time to catch up on general fall car maintenance and vehicle upkeep. Having a reliable car is about more than comfort and convenience. It’s also about safety. No one wants to get stranded because of a preventable break-down. Here’s a quick look at how to prepare your car for fall.


Under the Hood


Fall is a great time for getting your car tuned up to achieve maximum gas mileage. Check fluid levels and have them topped off or replaced as needed. Run the heating and AC system to ensure interior comfort for yourself and your passengers, as well as effective window defrosting on cold days. Don’t forget to check the back window defroster, too. Visually inspect any hoses or tubing for leaks and cracks that could cause a breakdown later. Test the battery, check battery connections, and brush away debris. Look for corrosion or other signs of damage that suggest replacement may be needed soon.

Tires and Brakes

As temperatures drop, so does tire pressure. For an accurate reading, measure tire pressure while the car is still parked. You aren’t likely to get the same readings after driving even short distances. Inspect the tire tread depth. If it looks like you’ll need new tires, this gives you time to shop around and have them installed before harsh winter weather sets in. Have any uneven tire wear investigated by your mechanic; regular tire rotation can reduce uneven wear on tires. Examine brakes thoroughly. Brake pads especially need regular replacement. Putting this off can limit your ability to stop safely in Auburn, GA, and lead to brake rotor damage and more costly repairs. 

Exterior Car Care

Top off or replace washer fluid. Winter weather makes it more likely that rain may freeze on your windshield. Washer fluid can help prevent this making winter driving safer. Replace the windshield wipers and don’t forget about the back windshield wiper. Check the headlamps and all other lights for broken bulbs. Less daylight in fall means greater reliance on these visual signal lights for safety. Clean or replace headlamp lenses if yours have become clouded.

Give the exterior of the vehicle a good washing to remove summer and fall debris from insects to tree sap, road dust, leaves, and ordinary grime. It’s also a good time to wipe down the interior. Clear the dust from the dashboard and console. Shake out the floor mats, vacuum the seats and the floorboards, and clean the windows inside and out. Wax the exterior of the car for added protection from the elements. 

With a thorough plan for getting your car ready for fall, including vehicle maintenance and upkeep, you’ll be better prepared to head into the harsh winter driving conditions whenever they arrive in Braselton, GA. Turn to America’s Service Station for fast and reliable service that includes a 3-year nationwide warranty. We’ll even get you to work or back home with our shuttle service. Call for your appointment today, and see why our car care and maintenance services are second to none.


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