Dacula Synthetic Oil Change Service

Having a synthetic oil change can help to preserve the life of your car’s engine and reduce the wear associated with friction. Unlike conventional oil, which is dependent on attracting and collecting debris and harmful acids to protect your engine, a synthetic oil change provides a fluid that has been engineered to neutralize harmful acids while inside your engine. There are many advantages to having a synthetic oil change done, keeping your engine clean and free from debris and harmful acids is just one of them.

At America's Service Station, our service technicians will always ask you if you want a synthetic oil change or one done with conventional oil. While a convention oil change is less expensive, it has to be done more frequently. A synthetic oil change lasts longer because the fluid does not break down as easily as conventional oil. The additives in the synthetic oil allow it to maintain its viscosity under higher temperature extremes. Conventional oil under the same extremes can break down. When oil breaks down in your engine, not only can it contribute to a buildup of shellac and sludge, it stops protecting vital engine parts from friction and heat damage.

Make an appointment today at America's Service Station for your synthetic oil change. We are conveniently located in Dacula and having a synthetic oil change done takes no more time than a conventional oil change so you will be back on the road quickly.

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